Saturday, January 16, 2016

I would be rejected today

My pastor, Jim Martin, has given me the honor and privilege of editing the prophecies we receive in our church services during the year. I'm almost finished with 2015. The following prophecy, "I would be rejected today", was delivered on June 28 and as I read through it I felt the Lord impress upon me to share it with you. It's sobering yet encouraging. 

One of my favorite passages of scripture is 2 Timothy 2:1-2: "Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."

I believe each of you are faithful to the call God has on your life. When you read the prophecy, if "other faithful men and women" come to mind, pray about sharing this prophecy with them. 

All of you have my respect and my love.


I would be rejected today 

There are many of you, you look around in this world and you wonder what is it coming to? And I would say to you have you not read My Word? For if you’ve read My Word you [would] know what it’s coming to. Just read the book of Revelation. You know what it’s coming to.

So many of you feel great disappointment in things that are done within the governments of nations. But I would have you know that if you feel great disappointment, how much do you think I feel? You truly do not know how bad things are.

I want you to think about what happened when I came to earth.

  • I was born there.
  • I grew up there.
  • Then I began to minister.
  • I healed many, many, many people.
  • Miraculously I fed thousands of people.
  • I calmed storms.
  • I cast out devils.
  • Healings took place that people said could not take place.
  • Miracles happened.

I did all of these things in public, not in private. People saw what happened and yet, as you read, you see I was rejected.

I would ask you, what do you think would happen if I were to come back to earth now in My body? How do you think I would be received in your nation? If they rejected Me 2000 years ago, do you not understand I would be rejected today?

There are some who believe “Oh, if only Jesus were here to where people could see Him, they would believe.” Do you honestly think that is true? Oh there are some who would believe. But I want you to know, listen closely to Me, if I were to manifest in your nation, in My body, and if I were to do more good works as I did the first time that I was on earth – I would not be elected your president.

And there are those in the Church who would not even vote for Me. Some of them would say “But Christians have no business being involved in politics.” And yet there I would be, the king of kings, rejected again.

You are in a very bad situation. You cannot see the depth of the corruption, but I can. And I want you to know that one by one I’ve watched as those who are a part of My body are falling away. They’re turning on Me, departing and they’ll never be recovered. The number of those who are standing strong in Me is dwindling.

But I want you to think about what I said. Did not I say as it was in the days of Noah it would be the same at the end? What happened in the days of Noah? One by one those who yielded to Me, cried unto Me, [and] lived for Me died until Noah was the only one left. The same is happening today.

You’ve heard much preached about a remnant in the last days. You have no idea how true that is.

I need you to be strong in Me.

I need you to be strong in Me.

I need you to lay down your own agendas, to lay down religious traditions [and] completely sell out to who I am and to My Word.

I need you fully committed to Me so that I can work through you and together we will reach those who can still be reached, for there are millions, millions on earth who can still be harvested into My kingdom.

Let not your heart be troubled. I warned you that in this world you would have tribulation. And things are going to get worse. But did I not say that I have left My peace with you? My peace will sustain you through anything that happens. My peace will strengthen you to face whatever comes up. And so I want you to know My hand is upon you. My hand is upon this place.

Yes like you I would like to see more people here but I cannot force anyone to do anything. But I will work with those who are committed. And I will work with those who are dedicated. And I will bring things to pass that you have not yet seen.

My glory will rise among you. I will be known in your midst and you will glow with My glory in the realm of the spirit in this region. And even the devils will take note and tremble at the potential that you represent. So continue to press into Me and know you are not alone for I am there with you, says the Lord.