Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pray for the Supreme Court Justices

So many Christians today support same-sex marriage. And that saddens me and I know it saddens our Heavenly Father even more.

And for those of us who believe what the bible says about marriage, many are feeling helpless and are buying into the lie that it’s a foregone conclusion that the Supreme Court will legalize same sex marriage – a concept that God condemns in scripture.  

Why it a lie? The issue has yet to be adjudicated. But Satan, the enemy of the soul, and his demons have unleashed a full court press to convince Christians that “the game is over and you have lost.”

I don’t believe a word this rascal says.

Don’t you think it’s time that we confront this liar and derail the destruction that he is orchestrating?

Pray that the justices’ personal views and biases will not override reason.

Pray that God will enter their dreams and give them a glimpse of what will happen in and to America if same-sex marriage is legalized. (Trust me, it will be worse than anything you can imagine.)

Pray that angels surround the Supreme Court building and that the demonic powers that have been pushing this issue find themselves and their influence locked out.

Pray that God’s peace saturates the court room and the minds of the justices are clear and they hear what the enemy of the soul doesn’t want them to hear.

Pray that the justices will follow the rule of law.

Folks, we are sons and daughters and have been given authority over all the works of the enemy. It’s time for us to exercise what our Father has given to us.