Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Division is his middle name

If we believe what we see and hear in the media about white police officers, we will come to the conclusion that most, if not all, white police officers are racist. It’s not true.

In fact, let’s just call it what it truly is – a lie from Satan’s throne room. 

Division is Satan’s middle name. 

Remember, this is the same angel who convinced one-third of the angels that God couldn't be trusted and that He wasn't a loving and just leader. Satan convinced them that he would be a better ruler than their Creator. 

He’s that good and he's that deadly. 

If he can get us (blacks and whites) to look at each other with suspicion and mistrust, he will do to us what he did in Heaven. He first caused division in the ranks, angels against angels. The angels who listened to his lies and deceptions believed them and rebelled against God. They separated themselves from their Creator.

Trust me, Satan’s tactics have not changed. He wants us to separate ourselves from one another. He wants the body of Christ to be a mere shell of who we truly are – sons and daughters of God who have the power and authority to make him a feeble, clawless, and toothless lion. 

But we won’t do that as long as we are divided and racism, quite honestly, is so easy for him to put into play.

Am I saying that racism doesn't exist? No. Am I saying that the death of Michael Brown, for example, was not an act of racism? No. I am also not saying it was 100% a racist act. I have lived long enough to know that very few things in life are what they appear to be.

"Gee, Barry, what world are you living in?" I'm living in the same world Adam screwed up back in Genesis 3. So are you. I'm living in a world dominated by sin and the sin nature. So are you. I'm living in a world that is the puppet of the evil puppet master, Satan. So are you. Are you seeing my point?

I've experienced acts of racism over the years but the acts of a few have not caused me to distrust the many. The respectful, positive, kind and loving interactions I've had with those who are white are far too numerous to have me living in suspicion no matter how many times it’s loudly trumpeted in the media.

Maybe it’s the gray hair on my face but negative interactions with white police officers, at least for me, have been virtually nonexistent. I’m not saying they can’t happen, but what I am saying is that the few are magnified and feed the mindset that, if you are black, there is something inherently untrustworthy about white police officers. 

I'm not making that leap. 

I've had interactions with white police officers over the years and none resembled what we see in the media today. 

Life is too short for me to live my life expecting to experience the worst whenever I see a patrol car with a white face. I refuse to live that way. I refuse to buy into Satan’s way of thinking. I refuse to believe that the few represent the many.

Whenever we are willing to believe the worst about another person because of what we have experienced or what others have experienced, we are all diminished.